Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Castle Workalot

Entrance to the Castle Workalot exhibit

Step back in time to a medieval world of castles, knights, queens, kings, and simple machines in the newest exhibit at the Orpheum. You’ll enjoy hands-on play while exploring and creating with machines and building structures. In this land, inhabitants only work a little, as simple machines cleverly bear the burden of the load.

Explore the marvelous machines of Workalot below!

closeup of mini wooden castle

Miniature Castle

Imagine yourself as a medieval character, and then take rule of the scaled castle complete with drawbridge, dragon's lair, and moat. As the royal engineer, move water through the land with pulleys, gears, levers, and wheels.

an overview of the castle workshop

Carpenter's Workshop

A declaration has been made for engineers of the royal court to build a strong and sturdy bridge to span the royal steps and to build flying buttresses.

children gather around the medieval Plinko board

Amazing Levers

Amaze yourself with what can happen when levers, balls, and gravity meet. Can you change the path of the ball to avoid the dungeon?

sacks of varying weight are tethered around mammoth pulleys

Pulley Pull

Try lifting different weights of flour bags and see how pulleys can make lifting much, much easier.

plastic tools on the pegboard wall

Blacksmith Shop

Even the smallest of carpenters can build with tools and participate in different trades and jobs important to life in a castle.

children dropping balls down the chute as a plastic pig roasts on the hearth

Royal Dining and Kitchen

There are many chores to do in the castle, and you’ll discover how to accomplish everyday tasks with simple machines. Cook on the hearth and make work easier with pulleys, levers, and gears during your stay in the castle.